Diegex, Diego, Diegay, Diegodeen and most often called Gaylord by most of the LW. The founder of LW that is epic bad at MB2, but somewhat good with M4 on Rust.

More on DiegayEdit

Diego is known to live the in Maccu Pichu the Indigena city in Peru. When Diego isn't feeding his family raw animal meat he takes from animals he kills with his Indigena spears. He is known to dwell in the sewers of the capitol city of Lima in Peruvia. Diego is also a Pishtaco and tirelessly hunts down the Gorda to sell his fat.

Diego as the leader of LWEdit

Diego is the self proclaimed "epiclord" (which is really an epic lie and that title goes to Destro) founded LW as a clan for Latinos like himself. Later as the clan grew it became infected with gringo disease and gringos started popping up in the clan. All sorts of gringos appeared from Blacks, to gingers, to native American savages(dogshit), and even to Asians. Eventually gringos were accepted into the clan and the clan thrived. Then a nasty disgusting gringo that rose above the others named Apex ,also known as Apesex, fought with Diego in an epic battle high in the mountains of Peru which ended in Apex losing because of Diego's disgusting breath. Thus, Apex left the clan and had to get lung surgery because Diego's breath nearly killed him. Apex tried at least 3 times to create other clans to combat Diego and LW but failed and disappeared from MB2. After the Apex incident LW grew weaker and were all called gardeners in MB2 and eventually dropped the server. The clan itself still lingers in MB2 but only a few members.

Diego currentlyEdit

Diego is currently Nocturnal and plays games all night, then goes to college, then sleeps for the rest of the day till night. It is said that if you call out his name in Indigena language at night in the Peruvian forests, he will come for you and judge you on whether or not he should give you the epiclord secrets or kill you and steal your fat to sell.

Diego in Payday 2Edit

Diego prefers the epic bad character called Hoxton and is known for calling the Bulldozers, Boludozers. Diego is also fond of running around with no armor which leads to his fail death almost always.

Diego in RustEdit

In Rust Diego is always one of the most hated people on the server, and makes number one on the most wanted list. Whenever a raid occurs on Diego and his fellow Latino Warriors, he will scream out "los fucking nabs" and kill them with his M4 he created with his bare hands out of animal bones and rock.